Get the tools every leader needs to inspire change, motivate action, and get results.

Learn to view leadership from a whole new perspective. Once you've experienced Leadership: The Manta Way, your leadership language will change, you'll inspire more people, and you'll get better and faster results.

Science-Based and Data-Driven, All the Time, Every Time!

Proven training methods

Every Manta program is designed with the latest in adult learning research and methodologies in mind.

Experiential learning at its best

Our groundbreaking learning designs always incorporate hands-on and practical application of new concepts.

Built on organizational psychology

Intuition is good, but it's not enough when it comes to designing effective training. We continuously use data to drive decisions and to create superior outcomes.

Every program is designed using the latest research in instructional design, experiential learning, and industrial-organizational psychology.

Whether you're an HR business partner or an independent consultant, you're expected to deliver visible and measurable outcomes. When you partner with Manta, you'll have confidence knowing that every experience and learning intervention was carefully designed by a highly qualified organizational psychologist. You'll never have to worry about impressing your clients or superiors again....it's guaranteed!

Passion for Human Potential

A love for learning and belief in human potential led Lindsy and Michael Orr to create Manta.

Michael and Lindsy Orr established Manta Leadership in 2017 after Michael created the Manta Way, a highly engaging and memorable leadership program. Leaning on his background in instructional design and technology, he began experimenting with augmented reality for learning applications in late 2018. In April 2019, Manta expanded its instructional design services to include augmented, virtual, and mixed reality development for organizations wishing to empower their modern workforce. Today, Manta provides online and onsite leadership training courses through Manta Learning, and provides custom eLearning, AR, VR, and training materials development through Manta Interactive. Michael and Lindsy live in Spokane, Washington with their four young children.

Interesting Facts About Our Company

Why does the company use manta rays as its logo and name?
Michael will answer that here: "I was inspired by an image I saw of people swimming with giant manta rays in Hawaii. The inspiration was based on a statement I heard Gen. Colin Powell say at a leadership conference. He said, "You know you're a great leader when people follow you out of curiosity." When I saw the image of the people gathered together to swim with mantas, I thought, "Leaders should attract people like this." A great amount of reflection and work eventually resulted in The Manta Way, my central leadership philosophy.
Does the company support manta ray conservation efforts?
We have an incredible vision for contributing to the protection and preservation of manta rays throughout the world. Currently, we live out our vision by increasing manta ray awareness as part of our leadership training courses offered to organizations. Our first priority is leadership training and instructional design services, but with the manta ray as our primary symbol for balanced leader behavior, talking about manta rays and their preservation is a natural fit.
What is Michael's background in training and development?
Michael replied: "I created my first training manual at age 17 for a national newspaper. It was used for door to door salespeople in California. Years following, I found myself consistently finding opportunities to write and design training programs, materials, and new training approaches. After earning a B.S. in Instructional Design and Technology, I focused my attention on interactivity and incorporating modern training tools with traditional learning approaches. After completing a Master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology, I really started applying the knowledge of human motivation factors into my training interventions. I now have over 20 years' experience in L&D and I love every minute of it. Lindsy and I have been working together in business and non-profit organizations together for over 15 years. Lindsy has extensive organizational development experience and is the glue that holds all things together in the Orr household and in the ventures we invest in.
Why did Michael and Lindsy establish Manta Leadership?
Michael and his wife, Lindsy, have an entrepreneural outlook on life. They have operated several companies together, including a chocolate company in Montana. They love the thrill of building things together. Michael's extensive background in leadership development led them to establish Manta Learning, the parent company of Manta Leadership and Manta Interactive. As a personal mission, Michael often says that he is "out to rid the world of leadership malpractice." Having helped countless leaders experience incredible success over a 20 year span, he used his instructional design expertise to create an easily transferable leadership development program called The Manta Way, Manta Leadership's own signature training program. Lindsy supports the organizing of leadership events and serves to support all things administrative. "We started the company because we love working together, building great things, and inspiring the best in everyone we meet."