Two ways to inspire change, motivate action, and get results.

Your best days as a leader are still ahead. There is untapped potential all around you, and your primary objective as a leader is to help it materialize into profitable energy. Our programs are designed to help you live out your full leadership potential. Choose from the two options below to select the approach that's right for you.

Online Leadership Academy

COMING SOON! We are hard at work developing our online leadership academy. Now you and your team will be able to access world-class leadership training from the convenience of your desktop or mobile devices. Every course includes printable materials. Want to be notified when the academy is live? Sign up below.

Hands-On Workshops

Bring Manta Leadership training to your organization. Our workshops include collaboration exercises, action learning, and context-specific application. Your staff will learn the principles of being a Manta Leader and how to apply those principles to solve real-world challenges and lead the next generation workforce to unprecedented success.

Our training approach makes your learning experience unforgettable.

We know how memory works. By designing our training around the latest discoveries in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, we make what you learn nearly impossible to forget.